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The Novel News (12/04/2023)

It's another month for the Novel News!

Texas temps are wild as usual going from normal to super cold, but it's still better then the heat.

We are happy to announce we've also regained a pay-in-4 option in the form of AFTERPAY!


Today's news marks the LAST Novel News of the year!

With that in mind, let's dive right into it!

Shipping Schedule:

Before we get into the specific projects, we would like to let everyone know that currently, we are expecting a massive pileup to occur at our storage and fulfillment warehouse. How this ended up happening, we aren't entirely sure, but because of the delays caused by the heat, somehow, most of our projects will be completing and ready to ship out in the month of January, 2024.

Our fulfillment Warehouse does not have the capacity to handle the combined volume of Project's SARUEI, Nanoless, Numi, Sinder, ZENTREYA, Melody, AND Silvervale at the same time. Our original timeline had them arriving one per month which would be manageable, but that is no longer the case.

So that has put us in a very awkward position where we will be having 10's of thousands of ready to ship units simply waiting for their turn per project.

Currently, upper management is working of figuring out a solution to this issue. Once one is found, we will be sure to let everyone know. Although, currently, it looks like it will just be a matter of packing and packing very fast to brute force through all the projects.

Project Akumi:

Project Akumi is 90% completed!

Only a handful of international orders are left, waiting pick-up at our warehouse! They are planned to go out this coming week and headed out to the many countries that ordered them! So be sure to keep an eye out for your tracking email!

Project Buffpup:

As predicted, project Buffpup's fulfillment has begun in full force!

She is flying out of the warehouse with literal hundreds of packages per day that have caused quite a commotion at our local post office due to them having to process them all!

Needless to say, things are progress smoothly but even at the rate we are going, we expect orders to take up until Early January to finish sending out. simply because of the sheer volume of Buffpups that were ordered!

Still, keep an eye out for your email as these orders are sent out in numerical order with Domestic being sent first and International packages being sent last (but still numerical order).

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and apologize for the delays in this project! Also, we hope everyone enjoys their new Buffpup Figure's once they arrive!

Project SARUEI:

Project SARUEI has continued in full swing by our production teams and our design teams despite the madness of getting Projects Yoclesh and Buffpup wrapped up! For those interested, you can see the newest progress on Project SARUEI, featuring her one-of-a-kind box!

Once this is complete, the final packaging will begin and she will be placed in the storage que once everything has wrapped up! Project SARUEI is our last Resin Figure currently. We hope to make her the last one we release due to how easily resin breaks in transit despite our best efforts. Which is why we transitioned to a PVC and ABS combination for future projects.


Project NANOLESS is progressing smoothly and without any true problems.

Currently, the final box design is being wrapped up and that is complete, she will be packed up to be sent to the storage to que for fulfillment.

Project Numi

Currently, there isn't too much to report on project Numi.

Her production is smooth and without any delays. Yippee!

Project Sinder

Similarly, Project Sinder is also going nicely. As we get more exciting things to show, we will post them here!


Project ZENTREYA has gone through a few visual changes for more pazazz!

Her packaging has also been finalized! You can see a preview down below! (with a few minor changes being implemented for the consumer version)

The final box will include UV-printed green instead of standard green lines, that way it has a bit of a sheen.

Projekt Melody:

The science team (R&D Team) has been hard at work formulating a variety of different versions of our special material being used for Melody's figure!

Some of the changes we've made because of what we've figured out include making the arms removable and linked with magnets to the body. Below you can find a test example of how the clothing is planned to work for the Melody Figure!

This project has been a special challenge from a development standpoint because of how much we had to research, test, and look into to make it work.

Project Silvervale:

Project Silvervale has entered the finalization of her packaging stage.

She is entirely on schedule which puts her release in January, although, this ended up causing alot more issues for us then expected.

On the bright side, her box is pretty nifty!

Extended Pre-orders!

With the new inclusion of "AFTERPAY" we are extending these 2 projects until January 1st!

This is to give people the chance to pick one up, who originally didn't, due to having to pay the entire total upfront!

Don't miss your chance to get these two great additions to your collection!

Project Fefe

Project Captain Hannah

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3 commentaires

Casey M
Casey M
16 déc. 2023

What shipping service does Novel Horizens use?


Shade Meadows
Shade Meadows
15 déc. 2023

Hope some of these return in the future! You are all Amazin'~


05 déc. 2023

2023 has been a challenging year, and everyone involved in the projects has done phenomenal work. I hope each figure will be cherished, knowing the dedication that went into every single unit. Thank you, everyone. Have a merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year. 🙂

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