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Novel Horizons was founded on August 2020 in Dallas, Texas with the intention of bringing original English light novels into the spotlight and to develop high quality, original works that readers would enjoy.

After our first successful projects we began expanding into more realms of development and production which included the development of scale figures. This eventually led to us making our first scale figure in early 2022.

Because of this, a minor rebrand of Novel Horizons into a Anime Product Development company took place in late 2022.

At Novel Horizons, we not only put our heart and soul into our works, but also copious amounts of blood, sweat, and tears. We work with an almost obsessive desire to create the best product we can and to improve on it the next time we tackle a similar product. We are always challenging the us of the past.


To help us reach those goals, we work with these five values in mind:

  1. Learn and apply: There is always something to learn. Find it and strive to go even further.

  2. Quality first: Never sacrifice quality for anything.  Period.

  3. Story is king: Always create with a solid story as a base.

  4. All voices matter: Critiques and suggestions are always welcome. After all, even we may miss somethings sometimes.

  5. Be respectful

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Novel Horizons

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