About Us

Novel Horizons was founded on August 2020 in Dallas, Texas with the intention to bring original English light novels into the spotlight and to develop high quality, original works that readers will enjoy. 

We solemnly pledge to:

1. Respect the world builder, Authors.

All authors under our name will be treated fairly and properly compensated for their work. Authors work hard to create their stories and as such, Novel Horizons makes sure that they get compensated fairly so they can continue producing the stories everyone loves.


2. Produce quality, sometimes quantity, but never just quantity.

Novel Horizons is dedicated to developing and publishing only high quality works both in story and art. We will never sacrifice quality for the sake of putting more product out. But, if we can do both, then we will.

3. Be all ears, all the time. 

We are always listening for feedback from all our customers. Big or small, we are always looking to improve in all aspects, never be afraid to let your opinion be known and rest assured it will be seriously considered and thought over. We believe in the power of One. Make your voice heard.

4. Print the highest quality of goods.

All physical goods will be of the highest quality we can deliver. We will never sacrifice the integrity of our goods to save a buck. Although we may spent more for a fancy upgrade every now and again.

5. Do everything in our power to elevate Light novels to the next level.

Forever looking for the next improvement, hit story, or even star artist. We journey to continue raising the bar on what it means to be an original English light novel or even "light novel" in general. Stagnation is our enemy and conformity our bane.