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  • Can I still make changes/alterations to my order? (New Site QA)
    Yes, as long as you have the necessary information for us to use to look it up. Everything still exists in the old system!
  • What about my old account? How will I be able to track my order? (New Site QA)
    The old account is gone unfortunately. Its tracking functionality was also not as great as many would be led to believe. You will still receive updates via email once your order goes through a major state change like being shipped, for example, at which point the email associated with the order will get a email with a tracking number. Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE for all updates on all projects, as well as events and sales.
  • My item was Returned to Sender! What do I do?
    Packages that cannot be delivered or forwarded for whatever reason will usually make their way back to our warehouse. If it does, you can contact customer support via a ticket containing your order information, and they will investigate the issue and look into reshipping to you. You may need to purchase a new label for the postage required, and once confirmed, it will be reinspected for damage, relabeled, and sent out as soon as possible. A new label is available to purchase here. Note: If an error occurred on our end, causing the packing to be undeliverable, we will reship your package at no cost to you. Note: Customers have a maximum period of 1 month after the package returns to us to submit a reshipment claim. Otherwise, the package is considered forfeit and will be put back up for sale. Note: Forfeit items are not eligible for refunds or store credit.
  • How do I modify my shipping address?
    In order to modify an shipping address, reach out to us with the following information: - Order Number (not the Invoice Number) - Associated name with the order - New address the order will be shipping to A team member will fix the issue within 2-3 days. Note: If a label has already been created and has not yet left our warehouse, a new label will have to be purchased at the expense of the customer, available here.
  • Return and Refund Policy?
    We only accept returns from orders that are incorrect or have been delivered with irreparable damage. If your items fall under these conditions, the item must be mailed back and once it has arrived, it will be assessed by a member of the inspection team before a refund or replacement is processed. (Note: If signs of damage is found during inspection of the return and it is determined to be fraudulent self-sabotage by the customer in order to force a refund, the customer will be informed and subsequently banned from shopping with us.) Refunds issued for whatever reason will be provided in the form of full cash (if eligible) to the original payment source or store credit. Orders not eligible for full-cash refunds include orders that are over 90 days old or that were made through Paypal. In this case, refunds are ONLY available in the form of store credit.
  • I see people have received *product*, but haven't gotten mine yet. Where is my order?
    This is likely based on a couple of things: your location and/or the contents of your order. For location, you may be based internationally, and you're seeing posts from people who are here in the US. We fulfill all domestic orders first, and then we fulfill all the orders from our international friends! We also ship in batches, so your order just may not have been in a batch we've done yet, so don't worry, we'll get to yours! It also may depend on what is in your order. If you ordered something from more than one project, your order will be fulfilled when we have all items in that order available to ship. Our order system cannot break up orders for partial shipments.
  • Will out-of-stock items come back?
    Only under special circumstances will items return to stock once they are gone. Such circumstances include: -Excess stock due to canceled orders or from the extra stock we order to replace any potential damaged items. -A special event related to the talent.
  • Order updates?
    All orders will receive an update when they ship to the email in the order with a tracking number. Otherwise, Order updates can be found in the "Novel News" in regards to status updates on the entire project as a whole! Which will include updated release date, development updates, and other fun news!
  • I didn't get a confirmation email! What do I do!?
    Be sure to check your spam emails! If it's not there, the email provided at purchase may have contained a spelling error. If that is the case, please reach out to modify your email address with your order number, associated name, and a preferred email address. Please be aware that we can only resend an invoice to the original email provided.
  • When do I pay for pre-orders?
    All orders need to be paid for upfront.
  • I can't get my order purchase to go through!
    This is something we're still looking into, but we've had a few customers tell us they've had issues with completing a purchase, even after trying more than one method of payment. This is potentially remedied by clearing your browser's cache and/or cookies, or attempting the purchase in an Incognito window. If you are using a VPN, there is a chance that may interfere as well, so you can try temporarily disabling it during the purchase process.
  • How do I cancel my Order?
    In order to cancel an order, reach out to us with the following information: -Order Number. -Associated name with the order. -The order address A team member will then cancel your order (if applicable) within 2-3 days. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the funds to return your bank. To quality for cancelation, the following criteria must be met: A) The order must not have been shipped B) In the case of preorders, the request must be within 120 days of the order being placed Note: Novel Horizons reserves the right to accept or decline any cancel requests. Any attempts to force a order cancelation will result in a ban on services from Novel Horizons. After 3 consecutive order cancellations, refund requests will be automatically denied.
  • When will my order ship?
    Please refer to the products item page for estimated release date. Also, check our twitter @Novelhorizons for the most up-to-date information on all active projects. Be sure to also check our News Page.
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