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The Novel News (03/04/2024)

New Month, New news! The Novel News!

Not at extremely eventful month though.

But none-the-less! There is developments!

International Orders:

After several months, the situation regarding international shipping has finally been resolved!

The issue being a bug in our 3rd party shipping services that resulted in ALL international labels printed at the time sharing the same digital identification code.

Meaning, it seemed like we were attempting to send multiple packages using the same label copied various times (Very illegal).

With all the systems back in place, correctly, we will begin re-shipping international orders!

This process is estimated to take a few weeks, but packages will be going out as they are re-labeled after the contents are inspected to ensure they are still in one piece.

Project Zentreya

After discussion with all parties involved, Project Zentreya is moving back to the production facility to go through a minor modification.

This change is unrelated to the packaging issues, which have been addressed.

Although, it is expected to take roughly 1-2 months to make them.

We apologize for this delay.

Project SARUEI:

Due to Project Zentreya moving back to the production facility, we now have room for SARUEI!

Project SARUEI is now moved in and Fulfillment will begin March 5th, 2024!


We realized we never showed off the box for Nano! Behold!

Coming soon once Project SARUEI finishes fulfillment!

Project Numi

More box designshowcases!!

For those who don't know, Numi will be using a fully clear box with a alleyway insert!

Project Sinder

Project Sinder is still chugging along!

Nothing much to report this news, though.

But you know what they say, sometimes no news is good news!

Projekt Melody:

Projekt Melody is just about done!

Once we get far enough in fulfilment, she will be the next to go out!

Project Silvervale:

No new news here!

Project Lucia

Project Lucia is going through a small painting modification!

As it would turn out, she was coming out a bit too green, so we are remixing the paints so it's more of a dark navy blue for the black versus dark green!

Project Fefe has entered her prototype stage!

Her production is currently going as planned, so there isn't much news here! Let us know what you think!

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waiting for silvervale to ship out


Shady pot
Shady pot
Mar 04

I get what they mean, sometimes no news is better than bad news, but is it safe to assume that the silvervale projects will launch after the saurei figs.


Mar 04

Any update on the status of the shipping of international orders for Buffpup?


Mar 04

Damn still no need from the internation shippers then I cri evry tim

Also numi's box is making me not wanna take her out torn up on what I'll do


Good to see a company ensure excellent QA instead of sending out faulty products. I can't wait to receive my next figure.

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