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The Novel News (04/04/2024)

Novel News is now opening with our fun little graphic!

Moving on!

Project SARUEI:

Project SARUEI is just about done!

Only International Orders are currently left to be sent.

We'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience with this project!


Once SARUEI is done, Project Nano will be moving into the fulfillment warehouse along with Project Numi!

Project Zentreya

Project Zentreya has gone through a minor change in "solution".

Rather then modifying the completed product, since the modification is in the head, we have decided to make a 3rd head and provide it free of charge!

Meaning everyone will have 3 heads to use for their Zen!

For those curious, below is the modification that was to be made.

NEW ------------------------------------------OLD

The new head will arrive in it's own little box!

For now we are just waiting on the production of these so we can pack them all together.

Projekt Melody:

Below you will see the almost completed version of Project Melodies box! This is planned to be our BIGGEST box yet. So it takes to make.

But! Her completion is right around the corner and she will just be waiting on space in our warehouse to begin fulfillment.

Project Numi

Project Numi is moving into the fulfillment warehouse as soon as project SARUEI finishes!

For a few lucky Noomba's who attended weebcon this past weekend, they have already gotten their hands on this figure!

For those who haven't, she will be at your doorstep soon!

Project Silvervale:

Project silvervale has finished production! She is now waiting for space at the warehouse.

We plan to have her sent out right after Numi!

Project Sinder

No snags here!

Pyro pups, prepare yourselves!!

Project Lucia

Project Lucia modifications are complete!

She is now officially part of the waiting que for the warehouse.

After a variety of testing and meetings with the production team.

Given many factors, we unfortunately have to announce that the Project Fefe Scale Figure's "Cast-off" Functionality has been removed. There are many reasons for this including the fragility of the material, intricacy of the pieces to remove, and cost to rectify these issues being unfeasible for the project.

For those who would like to refund this item due to this change, please reach out on support and we will process that as soon as possible!

We apologize for the inconvenience.

In other news.

Below the color prototype!

More Colored Prototypes!

Project Camimi!

Behold a nice early look at the colored prototype!

And one last final Color prototype to wrap things up!

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