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The Novel News (11/04/2023)

It's another month for the Novel News!

With Texas temperatures going from a toasty 100 to about 40 quite literally overnight, the time is perfect to push forward at maximum speeds to catch up on lost time!

We are aware that the transition to the new site may have caused some confusion or concern, but please refer to the FAQ for answers to most of the questions you may have regarding various issues that may have arisen from the change.

Still, we are quite proud of the new face of Novel Horizons and we hope you all like it too!

Anyways! Let us move onto the things that matter most.


Project Akumi:

Following from last month, the damage to Akumi was substantial, but has been now undone! For those unaware, Fulfillment of the Yoclesh Collab Figures is now in full swing! So be sure to keep an eye out for your Yocci coming soon!

And once you do get her, please be sure to take a picture, let us know your thoughts and post them on twitter tagging us @Novelhorizons and Yocci!

We expect fulfillment of all packages to take a few weeks as standard and the first Yocci's should start arriving as early as the end of this coming week!

Once you get your Yocci, if there is any damage, please be sure to let us know through the support page. That way we can have the investigation team look at it and see what we can do!

Other then that though, we are putting the nice ribbon of completion on this project and we would like to thank everyone for their patience thus far. Delays are never fun, especially when they are out of your control, so we appreciate everyone's understanding!

Project Buffpup:

Like Yocci, Buff suffered catastrophic damages in the heat, but have all also been successfully replaced! At the moment, Buff is sitting in a secured, temperature controlled storage until the Fulfillment Team gives the green light to begin the moving process of the units to the main building.

Once they do, they will be loaded up and taken straight to packing!

We still expect this to happen about mid-November. The only delay would be from Project Yoclesh fulfillment taking longer then planned!

Other Projects:

Production is proceeding as normal on non-heat blasted projects. As mentioned last month, the only bottleneck would be the space we have in our fulfillment warehouse. We still predict a "Que" to eventually stack-up as production finishes for various projects which the Fulfillment Team can't send out yet due to still being on a previous project's Fulfillment.

Que position will be determined by when their preorders ended.

We are still doing our best to meet the proposed estimated release dates for the other projects.

In the future, we are shifting our production timeline from 3 months after preorders end to 6 months. This is to allow ample time for problem assessment and solutions. Also to given various teams time to actually rest between projects.

This means that if a project's pre-orders end in January then it will release in July of the same year.

New website Sale

To commemorate the launch of our new website, we are doing a sale on various available items! Massive discounts on various items, so be sure to check out the shop to see what kind of deals you can find!

New Preorder(s)

To wrap up this Novel News, we would like to spotlight some new preorders we have live!


Project Fefe's Scale Figure is currently in the lab's undergoing upgrades.

For those of you who are a fan, you don't want to miss what we have in store for this new figure that is being modified to more strictly cater toward her audience. Be warned, it will not be for the feint of heart!

Another fun preorder that is up and brand spanking new!

Captain Hannah hits the thigh seas with gusto featuring a design only a true swashbuckling buccaneer could hope to pull off!

On top of all her shiny gold, there is also a special...softer surprise...currently planned for her final version.

So don't miss your change to get her!

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