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The Novel News (10/04/2023)

Temperatures have dropped below 100 and are now holding at a toasty mid-90!

This means things can start shifting back into gear since it's mildly more bearable in

our facilities now.

Also, we plan on unveiling a brand new website design soon! Which will feature a massive overhaul with quality of life upgrades for all parties. With a whole new aesthetic! This is planned to roll out this month and with it, a certain extravaganza event!

There are also other things in the works, so be sure to keep an eye out for some fun stuff!

Moving on to the more pressing matters, Below you will find our project updates!

Project Akumi:

Before we mentioned the amount of damage taken to Akumi and Rai the snake.

We are happy to announce that all the damaged items are just about done and fulfillment is scheduled to begin October 24!

Unfortunately, the excess stock we had planned will be extremely limited though, so for those who missed their chance to purchase one, the opportunity to get Her, the snake, or both is notably lower then usual.

Project Buffpup:

Buffpup replacement's were put on higher priority over the production of other figures, like Project Yoclesh. A last minute modification was also made to the packaging box following community feedback.

Luckily, the Buffpup Project is still scheduled to begin fulfillment upon the full completion of project Yoclesh! Which should be in early November or mid november at the very latest. Weather willing.

Until we see stable weather below damaging thresholds, we will be sending product in batches to the warehouse. That way in case of an emergency, damage will be minimized. We are only doing this though until we are certain that temperatures won't go back up again.

Other Projects:

For other Projects not directly affected by the extreme Texas heat, we are taking a strategic approach to prevent product pile up at our warehouse and mitigate any potential delays.

Namely, for the time being, only one project will be sent out to the warehouse at a time. With the next project in que being the chronological project that came after. In practice this would look something like this:

Project Akumi arrives at the warehouse -> Fulfillment begins. Buffpup project is put in the que.

Project Akumi finishes fulfillment -> Buffpup moves to the Warehouse to begin fulfillment. Next project in line is placed in the que as long as production is finished.

So and and so forth.

Fulfillment order will be as follows(Currently):

Project Akumi -> Project Buffpup -> Project Nanoless -> Project SARUEI -> Project Numi -> Project Sinder -> Project Melody -> Project Zentreya.

Due to us diverting our production power to making the necessary replacement units, this has unfortunately caused a pause in other projects. How much of a delay this will result in, we aren't currently unsure, but we are working hard to make it so there isn't as much delay or any at all.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and understanding with this matter. We also hope everyone is excited and enjoys their goods once they arrive!

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