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The Novel News (06/04/2024)

Eeeeee-t's the Novel news!

The Texas summer has come with strange weather and flooding! (Fun)

Scorching Summer heat has hit us, but oddly enough we are more concerned with the unexpected

heavy rains which have caused 2 instances of warehouse flooding so far! (Wow!)

Luckily, the damage done has been nominal due to things being generally off the floor.

Now prepare yourselves for a NEW Novel News!

Novel Horizons to a Convention near you! ECCHI EXPO DALLAS! JUNE 28-30

Our Convention presence has been alot weaker then we had originally intended it to be. Simply due to playing catch-up with alot of our projects BUT, we will be rolling out to some fun shows! At the end of this month, we will be attending "Ecchi Expo Dallas" with a variety of virtual meet-n-greets for all of you to enjoy!

As the date nears (a bit more) we will announce which guests you can expect to see virtually! Unfortunately, for this event, we will not have IRL meet-n-greets.

The booth will have a variety of items that may not be available at our store. It might not. There might also be other things floating about. Or there might not. Who knows!

Novel Horizons at SAN JAPAN! Aug. 30 - Sept. 1st

For those of you who need a bit more lead time, we will also be attending one of Texas's most premier conventions, San Japan!

This show will be our main convention for this year!

We will be boasting a massive space, so you can expect a wide assortment of items (both limited and not) which would range from figures, posters, and new, never before seen Novel Horizons Products.

This ALSO includes Meet-n-Greets of the Virtual and IRL variety of some of your favorite content creators! (To be revealed over the next few months). Be warned that this line-up will NOT be small by any measure and will include various names both small and large.

If you have a particular talent you'd like to see us bring as well, let us know! (even if they are not a collab-ee)

Due to the amount of attendees we are expecting to see the talents we bring, we will be selling Horizon's Hayai Passes!

All our meet-n-greets will be free for all attendees, but some of these lines have an extremely high chance of being extremely long.

For those attendees who do not want to wait, that Hayai Pass will be there to alleviate the horrors of Line-Con at the Novel Horizons space by providing access to a "Premium" priority line.

As we near the convention, the HH Pass will be made available for purchase and we will reveal the intricacies of the system we are designing to ensure a smooth, fun, and enjoyable experience for all party's involved. Con, Attendee, and Talent!

NEW Projects. Lots of New projects have been revealed and we are just about at the end of our 2024 list! So be sure to prepare yourselves as the pre-order storm begins THIS JULY 1ST! (No, not all projects will be released at the same time)

For those of you who have forgotten or not seen yet, the following collabs are set to open pre-orders! (With more announcements on the way)

Now onto the updates!

Project SARUEI:

Project SARUEI has officially concluded its fulfillment! We would like to thank everyone for their patience and we hope that everyone enjoys their 1/7 Scale SARUEI figure!

Project Numi

Project Numi is in ACTIVE fullfillment NOW!

Watch your mailboxes, watch your front porches and most importantly,

watch your WAIFU'S, because Numi is COMING!


Nano is currently sitting patiently for her turn.

Since she doesn't take up too much space, we plan on squeezing her in ASAP!

Project Zentreya

Project Zentreya will be flying straight into fulfillment at the end of this month! Sooner then predicted! This includes the geckoes! As no Zentreya would be complete with the Geckos.

Projekt Melody:

Mel is currently awaiting space in the warehouse. BUT if all goes well, there should be enough space in July!

Project Silvervale:

Project Silvervale is also currently awaiting space at the warehouse!

Project Sinder

We are currently shooting for July!

Project Lucia

Currently aiming at Late July or early August here!

No new news here!

No new news here!

No new news here!

No new news here!

Filian time!


And yeah. That's about it.

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Jun 04

hi just seeing saruei project complete but i didn't receive it the fact that i command her and Zentreya at the same time i will receive them at the same time too ?

Jun 05
Replying to

yes i don't know i command saruei Zentreya and all the geckos so only one command and i pay for only 1 shipment so i think it's that i hope an answer from them :D

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