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The Novel News (02/04/2024)

Projects continue chugging along! It's the second Novel News of 2024!

For the time being ALL international shipping is being suspended until further notice.

This is due to an issue discovered with project Buffpup and we are still currently awaiting some sort of answer from USPS and/or US Customs as to what caused the total rejection of all packages.

Because of this, we are moving our international carrier from USPS to DHL.

Which should prevent this problem from happening in the future again.

For those waiting, international rejected orders will be sent back out either A) When USPS gives us a reason + how to fix the issue or B) We finish integrating DHL into our fulfillment.

We apologize for the delays/inconvenience!

New Project Announcements

For 2024, we will be announcing our collaborations once a collab is confirmed.

Although, we will NOT be opening preorders for any items (outside of those already planned) until late Q2 (at the earliest) or Q3 of 2024.

With this measure, we hope to bring everything back under order and prevent any further potentially cascading issues. Both with ongoing projects and future projects.

It also gives everyone an opportunity to know and save for the figures they'd like!

Project Zentreya

A potential defect has been brought to our attention in both the protective packaging for Project Zentreya leading to the breaking of certain parts.

Our team is currently looking into the issue to see if it is a true problem or simply bad luck.

Because of this, this projects fulfillment is temporarily postponed.

We apologize for the delay and inconvenience.

Project SARUEI:

Project SARUEI is still awaiting movement to the warehouse.

Once it gets in, we expect it to take roughly two weeks to complete fulfillment.


Project NANOLESS is currently awaiting space at the warehouse.

Once there, we expect her to take about a week to send out to all customers.

Project Numi

Noomba's Rejoice!

Project Numi Figures have completed production! Currently, they are simply waiting for their nice cozy box before we can move them to the warehouse que!

Project Sinder

Project Sinder is right around the corner!

We are happy to present a fun little piece from production that we call "Full Metal Sinder"!

Projekt Melody:

Being one of our most complicated figures to date, We are doing some tweaking on Projekt Melody's removable clothes to make sure that she is as great as she can be! Unfortunately, we don't have any cool visuals this month, but we are working on something very cool for her box!

Project Silvervale:

Project Silvervale is just about complete!

Some minor modifications needed to be done to the box due to some structural weakness in the previous version. Although, now we expect it to be as sturdy as we hope to both be a nice display piece and protect the figure inside!

Project Lucia

Project Lucia is just about completed with production. Scheduled to finish this coming month or in march!

Luckily, she hasn't had any hiccups thus far or big problems.

We are hoping that by the time she is done, all other warehouse que items will be done. But if not, she will go in line same as other projects.

Below you can see the production sample for this figure!

And a mock-up for her potential box!

Time is running out! Two of these projects will be gone forever in a matter of days! Don't miss out on this final chance to add these limited items to your collection while also supporting your Oshi!!

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Again, hopin' for reprints of old projects~


Where the buffpup figure actually shipped within the United states? Or were those canceled along with the international ones? I only ask because I have not received mine yet, but I'm a little confused about the current situation.

Replying to

As another follow up reply, I’m also domestic and I’d received mine mid January.

It was worth the wait. She looks great!

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