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The Novel News (01/04/2024)

It's the first news of the year!

2023 was filled with surprises and we are excited to see what 2024 has in store for us! Which hopefully doesn't include massive heat waves or super cold fronts.

All teams are working hard to get fulfillment up to speed. Unfortunately, as predicted, our main bottleneck is still the warehouse since there is only so much space and so much staff that we have to get things packed up and out.

Regardless, We will continue chugging along and working hard to make up for lost time!

Project Buffpup:

After a long, hard, non-stop fulfillment period, Project Buffpup is finally completed this week!

We hope everyone enjoyed their figure and we'd like to thank you for your support in this project, as well as your patience!

With this completed, he Novel Horizon's Warehouse Team is going to be given a well-earned break. As they've been working non-stop since Project Nisego.

There has been a concerning number of packages being bounced back due to bad addresses. With a majority being international orders. We are currently looking into this and speaking with our carrier about this potential issue.

We would like to re-iterate to always double-check your addresses when ordering. Our system creates the shipping labels EXACTLY as you input them and we do NOT alter or edit them outside of address modification requests.

Project SARUEI:

Project SARUEI production has completed and is now waiting in storage for space at the warehouse to begin fulfillment.


Project NANOLESS has concluded production and is being placed into storage and que for the warehouse! Similar to Project SARUEI, we expect Project Nanoless to take only about one or two weeks to complete once fulfillment begins.

Project Numi

Project Numi is in it's final stages with final approval pending!

Once we get the green light, we can wrap things up and send her off to the waiting que.

We predict fulfillment to take 2 weeks for Numi once she hits the warehouse floor.

Project Sinder

Project Sinder is in the Final Stage of production and in Box development finalization!

We don't have anything cool to show now. But stay tuned and keep an eye on our twitter!


Project Zentreya has finished production! After alot of work and testing, we managed to create the best version of Zen that we can currently muster. With a careful eye on the details and choosing the right PVC sub-type per part, we believe everyone is going to enjoy this addition to their collection!

Zentreya is currently planned to go into the warehouse right after Buffpup. Set-up for her drop is currently underway since she is going to be taking up roughly 1600 square feet just in pallet space.

This is just two of them right before being carted into the truck for transportation.

Below you can also see the final box for Zentreya! Featuring a nice UV finish on select parts and the Zen Logo!

Projekt Melody:

Project Melody has continued development in the background.

At the moment, we are awaiting final approval/direction for her box, but luckily, production is just about done for the figure itself!

Behold! The final blueberry scented Figure!

Projekt Melody is one of our most detailed figures to date in terms of decals. She is also the most complicated figure we've tackled that required alot of research to nail down.

We hope everyone enjoys her!

Project Silvervale:

Project Silvervale is just about done! Only a minor modification has been made to her on the packaging box, but she is ready to go! Outside of waiting in the que line for the warehouse.

Below is the edit to the bottom of the box!

Silvervale is complete on schedule, but unfortunately, she will ultimately end up being delayed due to the line for the warehouse.

So we apologize to everyone who is going to be waiting and once again, we appreciate your patience.

New Pre-orders!

We plan on pumping the breaks on new Scale Figure projects for a while due to the delays making things much more chaotic then we had hoped.

Although, we still have a few projects left to open up that have been pre-planned for a while now.

These will release in January and February, but after that, it will most likely be several months until we do anymore Scale Figure projects.

But! Be sure to check out these great projects that are currently live before they go away forever!

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Shade Meadows
Shade Meadows
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