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The Novel News (09/11/2023)

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The Texas Head Dome has started dissipating in the face of the tornados/hurricanes down south! Thus, the temperatures have begun to drop and for the first time in months, we see our first double-digit temperature.

As the seasons progress, we are hoping the temperatures continue dropping so it enters a safer range for the figure products while in transit. Although, we have a lot of work ahead of us caused by the scorching heat that we will need to address immediately.

Below you will find a variety of updates pertaining to active projects:

Project Nisego:

One of the greatest affected projects due to the heat is project Nisego - Wonhan. Mainly due to the heat dome hitting it's apex in the midst of this projects fulfillment. Luckily, the Novel Horizons Team braved the intense temperatures and packed what was needed to complete all orders.

Of the various items included in this project, the Wonhan Figure Box suffered a mass failure of adhesive due to the heat melting it off. Causing 30+% of the boxes to fall apart and require replacement.

This defect persisted into the Deluxe Merchandise Boxes with 35% Wonhan Boxes and 25% Relicta Boxes requiring replacement.

The Wonhan Figure itself remained mostly undamaged by the heat due to being made out of resin.

Because of this, all orders have been successfully fulfilled as of today. Although what excess stock we have, will need to be replaced/remanufactured before it is ready to be sold/shipped.

Currently, this is expected to take 1 month.

Project Akumi:

Project Akumi was put in cold storage due to the Texas Heat Dome.

Luckily, due to the Figure's Resin material, she also didn't receive too much damage and due to the design of the box, it wasn't susceptible to falling apart like Project Nisego-Wonhan.

Unfortunately, the accessory base Rai was made out of a very heat intolerant material and suffered massive catastrophic warping due to the heat.

Only about 15% of the Akumi Figure's require replacement, but 60% of the Rai Accessory bases are needed to be remade. Because of this damage, when taking into account replacement manufacturing, we now expect the Yocci Figures and Rai Accessory bases to begin shipping out Late October to Early November.

Project Buffpup:

Project Buffpup was the first non-resin figure we mass produced. Made out of PVC with a ABS core. The nature of her material ultimately led to warping with the sudden 100+ degree heat. This includes to the blister packaging which itself is designed to be malleable with heat.

These units are currently being remade and currently, we expect the replacements to finish production by the end of October to begin shipping early-mid november.

Other Projects:

As it stands, We are unfortunately looking at a potential 1-2 month delay on all other project releases due to all the damage and units we need to replace/remake. Although, we will be trying our best to limit actual delays on projects not directly affected by the heat as much as possible.

We would like to apologize to all our customers for this inconvenience, but we hope everyone understands that we are doing our best not just to create a great product, but also to ensure it arrives in as best condition as possible to your doorstep.

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