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New Site Announcement! (11/03/2023)

Novel Horizons Website Version 3.02

That's right!

This months we are excited to unveil our brand new website! Built from scratch from the ground up, this new site uses new systems, new blocks, new everything!

Which has allowed us to utilize a variety of snazzy new tools to create a overall better website!

The following will be a changelog of technical changes and also changes to policy being implemented.

Although most importantly, if you want to receive updates please RESUBSCRIBE to our newsletter. As mentioned before, this is a new system, thus old data is left behind on subscribers. Without subscribing you will not receive updates to Project Status's, special deals, or anything else.

This new site brings with it a fun series of events! So make sure to subscribe to our new system to know what, when, and how long!


REMOVED Customer Account System (Soft removal, we will be testing this change)

REMOVED Light Novel Page

REMOVED Search Bar

REMOVED Light Novel Merchandise

ADDED Past Collaboration's page

ADDED Collab Search Quick-bar

ADDED "Collaborate" Submission form

ADDED Product Review System

ADDED New Adaptive multi-page countdown system for pre-orders

---Policy Changes/Clarifications

Most of these can be found in the FAQ

-Support Requests: Any messages sent to support where the answer is actively available in the FAQ or addressed in a/the Novel News will be deleted.

Note: Customer support is too often bogged down by inquiries that are very easily answered with a bit of reading, be it something said on the Novel News or FAQ. Making it so customers who have real issues, unable to be helped in reasonable/necessary timeframes.

Because of this, the Horizon's Higher Team has implemented this policy.

-Order Cancelations: Previously, we accepted most if not all requests to cancel orders. This has led to many abusing the system despite various countermeasures. There will now be a 3 month period from when a item's preorder ends to cancel it. After that, we will not take cancellations for an item.

-Disregarding the FAQ Check: The new "Contact us" makes users check the FAQ before submitting a support ticket. If a user is found to submit a support that is answered either in the FAQ or the Novel News, they will be issued a warning before being given a strike. At 3 strikes, they will be suspended from further support from us.

common questions expected for new site

What will happen to my orders?

Nothing, they are still in the old system and will be fulfilled as usual.

What about my old account? How will I be able to track my order?

The old account is gone unfortunately. It's tracking functionality was also not as great as many would be led to believe. Although, you will still receive updates via email once your order goes through a major state change. For example, being shipped. At which point the email associated with the order will get a email with a tracking number.

Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE for all updates on all projects. As well as sales.

Can I still make changes/alterations to my order?

Yes, as long as you have the necessary information for us to use to look it up. Everything still exists in the old system!

Feel free to ask more questions down below! We will do our best to answer them!

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