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  • Yoclesh Project: Akumi Scale Figure
  • Yoclesh Project: Akumi Scale Figure
  • Yoclesh Project: Akumi Scale Figure
  • Yoclesh Project: Akumi Scale Figure
SKU: YP001

Yoclesh Project: Akumi Scale Figure

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"Many decades ago Akumi was conjured through hatred in the world. She appeared only in wars and fights and knew nothing but killing. When the days of her existence came close to an end, she began to question if this was all what life had to offer. Rai, a god from another world decided to save her from this nightmare to show her what life is really about and sent her to Earth in a new humanoid body."


From twitch and youtube comes a scale figure of everyone's favorite Vtuber "Akumi" in a new powerful outfit!

Sporting beautiful yet wild white hair, her intense expresesion and stalwart posture as she wields her signature Odachi is only balanced by the beauty of nature. Which adds a dash of etherialism to the already otherworldy being.


Beside her, her loyal "Onifan" waddles along ready to support the red oni in all her endeavors with it's signature yellow bandana. 


The "Novel Horizons" exclusive design features Akumi in her new elegant and intricate black outfit. Premium features include neon-painted blue on her Odachi from the blade to the grip and nylon string earrings.


Be sure to pick her up while you can!



1/7 Scale Figure featuring "Akumi" 

PVC/Polyresin material


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