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  • Project Zentreya - Zentreya Geckos
  • Project Zentreya - Zentreya Geckos
  • Project Zentreya - Zentreya Geckos

Project Zentreya - Zentreya Geckos

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EST. RELEASE DATE: November, 2023


From an unknown place at unpredictable times comes the "Geckos". 

Mysterioues entities of unknown purpose and goals, they appear as randomly as they act. From chaotic gremlins to advocates of at times dubious wisdom, these creatures are beyond human comprehension. 


For some strange reason they tend to gather and flock around Zentreya to the point she has grown used to and accepted their unusual and at times, uninvited presence. 


All things considered, the Gecko's seem to care deeply for Zentreya and while she might not admit it, the Cyber Punk has grown fond of the little beings known as the Geckos as well.


Together, they go on many adventures across various lands with the journeys being just a little bit better  with one another then if alone.  Laughing, fighting, and exploring while watching eachothers backs.


These mini-figures capture some memorable moments in those journeys.

Be sure to collect them all and don't miss out!



One of four different "Gecko" designs. (Roughly 3-4 inches tall)

PVC/Polyresin material


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