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SKU: ZN001

Project Zentreya: Zentreya 1/7 Scale Figure

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EST. RELEASE DATE: Feburary 2024


From the far post-apocalyptic future, the Cyberpunk traveled back in time to the 21st century to put a stop to the calamity that began it all! In comes... The  Cyber Punk! 


Adorned in powerful battle armor and a red latex battlesuit, Zentreya comes armed with a blade far beyond the comprehension of 21st century technology named Rhodonite. Her presence alone strikes fear into the hearts of her foes, yet at the same time inspires her allies into action.


Straight from Twitch comes the Android with the most cake, ready to stop the evils encroaching on the peaceful world, Zentreya!  And like always, the mysterious "Gecko" remains close by her side, it's mind an enigma to all but those of it's own kind.


This Novel Horizons exclusive design features two different sets of interchangable heads. One with her helmet up and one with it retracted. Along with her original legs which can be switched out for her secondary legs sporting high heels. 


Not only that, but her base sports LED technology allowing it to be plugged in(by USB-C) to illumate the Cyber Punk from underneath. 




On top of her glowing base, every corresponding part of Zentreya's armor features a special material that glows in the dark! Including the expression on her helmet! To truly capture the essence of our defender from the future! 

There are also two creates included for enviornmental ambience. 



1/7 Scale Figure featuring "Zentreya"

1x Zentreya Gecko (Figure Exclusive) 

PVC/Polyresin material


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