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Project Sinder: Summertime Sinder

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Est. Release date: May 2024


For all mortal man knows, that the fires of hell burn with merciless intensity and soul-rending relentlessness, there is little solace for the damned souls doomed to forever inhabit that world of bleak, decrepit, hopelessness…


From that wasteland of brimstone, comes the heckin’ good-est girl! A hellhound banished from that very land of the damned for being too friendly! She who wished to befriend the damned souls of sinners!


The wolf-est with the most-est! Straight from Twitch comes Sinder!


Clap clap clap


“Cursed” to become a half-human after being sent away from her home, she continues doing her best to make friends wherever she can and to ease the weary hearts of sinners everywhere!


And now her journey has taken her to the beach where she hopes to warm the hearts of everyone she encounters using her 1000-degree smile and heart-warming personality!


Sporting a flaming hot red-string bikini, she has donned a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses as she goes on the hunt for more friends to make. Eating as much ice-cream as she can as she does, but make no mistake, even in the coldest weather, Sinder burns as hot as the sun! (In more ways then one!)


And now she can be yours! In this Exclusive Novel Horizons Design you can get Summer Heat Sinder along with her faithful Pyro Pup in all their cute glory! Catch her adjusting her swimsuit as the pup builds a little sandcastle in the summer-time sun! "



1/7 Scale Figure featuring "Summer Heat Sinder"

PVC/Polyresin material


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