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  • Project Silvervale: Silvervale 1/7 Scale Figure
SKU: SV001

Project Silvervale: Silvervale 1/7 Scale Figure

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Release date Estimate: March 2024


"Sssoup! Why am I so fascinated by that word?"


Traveling in from another world on a journey looking for lost companions,  the coziest and comfiest Sakura Spirit finds herself on Earth! A Goddess has finally descended to the cheers of Petal Pals around the world!


A cozy, comfy V-tuber, Silvervale appears with a stunning, yet powerful pose befitting the position of Sakura Goddess. Her flowing dress and kind, yet tactical gaze captured wonderfully, one can see a grace and intellect neverbefore witnessed. For behind her cute exterior lies a fearsome wolf ready to cuddle opponents into submission!


This Novel Horizons exclusive design features various fun features including light-up lamps, three Petal Pals, and a certain soft...some might say squishiness, to her body that truly captures the loving heart of the Sakura Wolf.



Material - PVC/ABS

Size - 1/7 Scale


Doot Doot!

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