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SKU: BP001

Project Buffpup: Sauna Buffpup 1/7 Scale Figure

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Buffpup's ready to take a break from her busy life in the Eternal Woods. It's tough being a werepup, even though she's found so many amazing friends thanks to a small pink rabbit. She's gonna skip leg day (just this once!) to enjoy the hot springs by the edge of the human world. Would you like to join her?


Straight from Twitch comes the V-tuber Buffpup sporting sauna attire, ready to relax after a hard days workout! 


Featuring only two towels, all of her impressive musculature is available for everyone to see and appreciate. From her powerful biceps to her defined abs, the pinnacle of fitness and determination is embodied right here! 


On her lap, you can find the "pup" in all of it's adorable cuteness, which can be moved anywhere!


The Novel Horizons exclusive design features her sitting down to act as a noodle stopper or relaxing on a shelf. Both towels are removable from her top and bottom as well, for those Gym Members who wish to admire more of her impressive physique!


Don't miss your chance to pick her up! 



1/7 Scale Figure featuring "Buffpup"

PVC/Polyresin material


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