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  • Lucia Lancaster
  • Lucia Lancaster
  • Lucia Lancaster
  • Lucia Lancaster

Lucia Lancaster

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Estimated release date: March 2024


From the creative and whimsical mind of Scott Malin and Bryce Beal, comes Lucia Lancaster! 

An Ally of Justice and aspiring Volleyball player, she doesn't allow her dreams to remain stagnent and despite countless trials, she persists on achieving her hearts greatest desires! 


Originally starring in the webcomic "The Panty Bear", which ran from 2019-2021, Lucia slams into the scene with burning gusto in 1/7 scale form! Featuring the red crab Alfredo! 


Find her in her iconic original outfit with a big smile sculpted beautifully in the same style she is drawn originally in. Her pose and posture truly capturing the spirit of the fiery woman who unintentionally found herself on the run from Panty Mafia!



Scale: 1/7


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