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Novel news(07/04/24)

There are many situations arising and developing this month during the time of our usual released Novel News. Because of that, there has been discussion regarding canceling this months news due to how quickly the information may become inaccurate, but we will be releasing a more compact form for the sake of keeping everyone in the loop.

Unfortunately, that means no graphic either.

We would like to take this time to reiterate to not spam customer support with "where is my order" inquiries for projects that are in active fulfillment. And also to remind customers to reach out to the proper support channels for assistance.

Those channels being through our website contact form.

We've been lax with inquiries sent other ways, but we are now going to be more strictly enforcing this rule as we cannot keep alternating and consolidating among unrelated channels. As this has, and continues to, create various problems both in communication and inquiry spamming.

On that topic, please refrain from inquiry spamming either in 1 channel or multiple/any channel you can find. Make sure inquiries are submitted only once and to the correct place. We also still receive various inquiries for questions that are answered in the FAQ, despite the safeguards we've put up.

So be sure to read them before submitting a ticket.

If an answer is available in the FAQ the inquiry may be deleted.

Project Zentreya [URGENT]

A majority of project Zentreya orders have been sent out but there are a few items that are still in the process of being packed. This is due to various reasons one of which being invalid addresses.

More importantly, we have been made aware of a more pressing matter regarding one specific part.

Although very rare(>1%), the left secondary Zentreya Leg (Heel Leg) is arriving with a flipped magnet, leading to it not being able to be attached due to repelling polarities.

If you are someone who has received an item with this defect or any other defect in regards to this product, please reach out to:

With a topic line of: Zentreya - Defect: LHL - Flip

with pictures and if possible, the polarities on the leg and the main body. (Which should be visibly determined by a + or - sign on the surface of the magnet). As well as Order Number and any other information you wish to provide.

Using the provided information, we will be enacting a secondary system process where we send replacement legs that should attach properly to the body of the main figure.

We would like to apologize for this defect and we appreciate everyone's patience in this matter as a fix is made. At the moment, we are producing replacement legs from scratch and will be fitting them with the proper magnets once we get each customers information.

Project Silvervale

Project Silvervale is currently in the warehouse and being prepared for shipment.

Her orders should begin mailing out this coming week and we hope to be able to complete her before the end of this month.

Project Sinder and Project Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody and Sinder are both going to be used as part of a new logistical modification that we are enacting earlier then we originally planned. This will lead to a restructure of Novel Horizon's shipping and fulfillment in the future if all goes well, which should lessen if not entirely prevent delays in the future in regards to warehouse/fulfillment.

If things work out as we hope, this change will allow both of these projects to begin shipping this month, but in reverse normal fulfillment order with international orders going out first.

We will be monitoring this situation closely and we are hopeful that this will allow us to make our shipment experience more efficient.


There are several other issues that have cropped up and that have been brought to our attention. At the moment, we are not at liberty to speak about many of them. But, we are working on discussing them at the moment, especially since many of them cropped up while the higher administrative team was at Anime Expo.

As always, we appreciate everyone's patience and we hope you are all looking forward to our next figure drop!

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