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Light Novel Series


Radiants. Humans born with the potential to produce and manipulate the mysterious energy known as “Luvis”. Enabling them to perform amazing physical feats and use fantastical abilities.

One of these few Radiants is Daedalus Notos. A below-average Radiant, yet a determined one whose life has taken him to the front steps of Regulus University. One of the worlds greatest and most respected training establishments for Radiants. There, he will learn that the path toward success is often lined with failure and he must quickly accept that just tenacity and a positive attitude isn’t enough when face to face with titans.


A boy with perseverance, willing to go the extra mile, meets a girl whose daunting parents dictate every step of her life. When the two formally meet, what will happen? What awaits them as they deal with the turbulences of life as young adults?

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