About this Program

The "Sunset" E-book Program is a special system we are enacting to both bring attention to titles in our roster while also spreading the joy of reading to all our readers, customers and supporters! 


Due to a limited number of titles, we are currently only releasing a free title every 3 months but once we gain more, we will drop it down to one free E-book a month! 


E-book's will be delivered through our newsletter in the form of a special discount code for the "title of the quarter". Only one title will be available to be gained for free each quarter and it will only ever be Volume One of a series.


Titles may rotate/repeat if we find a time where there is no "new" title that we can offer.


Titles are added into rotation after spending 3-4 months in our store. Newly added series will not be part of this system until this timeframe expires and there is no guarantee that the title will be immediately made free after it's "grace period" has expired.