Rise of the Hunters Volume 1

Release Date: August 23, 2020

Series: Rise of the Hunters

Author: Jonathan Solis

Illustrator: Aldi Fauzen

Publisher: Novel Horizons





Volume 1 Synopsis

Centuries ago, an organization existed which protected humanity from the monsters that lurked in the shadows.

Fighting from the very darkness these creatures were birthed from, the "Hunters" sole purpose was to defeat any and all supernatural entity that threatened humanity. Until one day, they vanished. Their legend and teachings disappearing into the annals of history.

Then one day, a young boy with an interest in the paranormal stumbles upon a hidden record of their organization masqueraded as a popular book of fiction. Igniting a fierce fire in his heart to try and emulate the warriors of old.

But when darkness rises back up to feast on the defenseless humanity, he will quickly learn just how underprepared he truly is. 

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