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Seventh Star: Now Live on Kickstarter!

Formally known as project "Heroes Story" our first Ecchi title goes live on Kickstarter under the title of Seventh Star!

(Click on image to go to Kickstarter)


Daedalus Notos is a man of little more then determination, dedication, and will. Traits that while once very powerful, hold little value in the current world due to the existence of Luvis. Where strength has become the most important factor of all and without strength, nothing else matters.

Despite that though, Daedalus manages to get into Regulus University, finally taking his first step toward achieving his dreams after two years of failures.

There, his stubborn, hard-headed but kind demeanor manages to catch the attention of the two strongest Radiants at the university, Iris Electra, daughter of the Electra Family, one of the Great Seven, and Freya Stryker, a once unknown Radiant who took the world by storm after winning the Amatuer Radiant Grand Championship.

While both are of different character, eventually ,they both try to lay claim to Daedalus, putting him in the awkward position where two woman are openly vying for his affections at the same time for the whole world to see.

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