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Opening Up Pre-orders on the Limited Edition Daphne Figure!!

We are excited to announce that the Daphne figure has entered the preorder stage! See her in all her glory below!

This figure is estimated to be about 8-9 inches tall; we are also going to be releasing a miniaturized unpainted version that will stand about 4 inches tall.

The turn around below shows her near the completion stage, the only things not finalized are her kimono, ears, and the base which will be a nice custom, scenic base to match the figure!

Only 10 copies of the 8-9in figure will be made! Each figure will be uniquely numbered and provided a certificate, for $350! View the figure and pre-order yours here!

The 4in figure will be delivered unpainted (but primed) and will stand at approximately 4 inches. The figure is $80, and you can pre-order yours here!

This is the first figure that we have put out, so we are anxious to see what the community thinks. Depending on reception, we may be open to creating more figures in the future!

Profit from this figure will go straight toward purchasing our own Resin 3D printer along with a wash/cure station. That way we can lower the price on future releases!

As always, thank you for all of your support. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments!

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