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One-Two-Five Volume 3 is now live on Kickstarter!

Novel Horizons is excited to unveil the Kickstarter campaign for One-Two-Five Volume 3, the next entry in the acclaimed Fantasy Isekai light novel series by Jonathan Solis! The campaign is live!

Visit the campaign and reserve your copy now!

Surviving multiple near-death experiences, Seth reaches no-man's land only to run into a force he can't overcome. To make matters worse, he finds out he's run out of time; the fruits of his labor are needed...but he has nothing to show.

Check out the series' page for more details!

Novel Horizons will publish One-Two-Five Volume 3 in print and on digital platforms. Volume 3 release date is To Be Determined. Subscribe to our newsletter for more news and updates, such as the release date for this new installment!

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