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One-Two-Five Volume 2 Successfully Funded! Recap on all reveals and freebies!

Hey everyone! We just recently wrapped up our Kickstarter campaign for the second installment of One-Two-Five, continuing Seth’s journey into the human lands of Ixpa alongside Daphne. We were overwhelmed with the support we received, ending up at 115% of our funding goal and hitting our first stretch goal for the book. In case you didn’t the chance to see all of our Kickstarter campaign’s reveals and freebies, we are going to quickly recap them all here. Don't miss the chance to see new characters, illustrations, and even read the Prologue and Chapter 1 for free!

To begin, we have posted the Prologue and Chapter 1 of One-Two-Five Volume 2 to read for free on Wattpad! Get a taste of the next installment for free!

Click on this link to begin reading on Wattpad!! 

We have released the final version of the Cover Art for One-Two-Five Volume 2!

Character Reveals:

Introducing Selene!

A tough and strict mentor of the human empire, she fights using a style very similar to a wolf where she stays low, hits quick, and hits hard. She doesn't rely on just strength in numbers, but she does have a knack for leadership!

Selene is a long time friend of Bellia, how they met and how they became friends though is wrapped in mystery. A user of the "Hero arts", Selene's equipment is made to be tough and durable against all types of opponents including summons, having the title of "summon-killer".

Her tomboyish demeanor and strict teaching methods have also earned her the position of top instructor for Knight-in-training academies and draft academies throughout the human empire. A position she is proud of and will quickly (usually violently) correct anyone who disrespects her; whoever they may be.

Introducing Claudia!

A Knight-in-training, Claudia strives to become a renowned and skilled warrior. Coming from poverty, all her family members pooled their money to get her into the academy to become a true knight. This money also bought her armor; made custom just for her and sporting her family crest.

Having a naturally stern face despite being shy and socially awkward, Claudia is a popular target for bullies and she is often unable to do much about it.

We also got the chance to share some Illustration Reveals that will be in Volume 2:

Lastly, our first stretch goal was hit, which means that Volume 2 will now have a spicy two-page insert featuring the major characters in the book!

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported the series up to this point! If you haven't gotten the chance, pick up Volume 1 of the series on our shop page or on Amazon to get caught up on the journey before Volume 2 is released! Also, register with our site to get our email newsletter and never miss an update!

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