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Novel Horizons Announces 2021 Publishing Schedule

Hey everyone!

We typically announce each title as their publishing slot comes up, but why so much drama? In an effort to introduce a little more transparency, we'd like to announce our entire currently planned publishing schedule for 2021.

Let's lift the curtain a little:

Scheduled for a July Release Date, TBD: Echoes of Esteria: Resonance of Ruin

Novel Horizons is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Echoes of Esteria: Resonance of Ruin, an exciting action fantasy light novel series written by Stanley Garland Jr.!

The Kickstarter campaign launches on May 7th and will run for 15 days. Follow our newsletter and social media so you don't miss the Pre-Launch Page announcement!

Desperately searching for a cure to save his poisoned wife Sodina, "Slash" journeys across the lands of Esteria to save her from death. Once a hero of a now fallen kingdom, a shamed man journeys with what remains of his people and the crown princess turned untimely queen; determined to redeem himself. An epic tale of battle, mystery, love, and betrayal unravels across Esteria as multiple paths converge into one.

Check out the series page for more details!

Scheduled for an August Release Date, TBD: Just Say You Won't Let Go Volume 1

Cover Art Not Final

Novel Horizons is proud to announce the planned August release of Just Say You Won't Let Go by Peter Rodriguez, a heartfelt romance light novel mini-series!

A boy with perseverance, willing to go the extra mile, meets a girl whose daunting parents dictate every step of her life. When everything is disrupted by a dimensional rift, can she now be the light in his tunnel?

Check out the series page for more details!

Scheduled for an October Release Date, TBD: Beyond the Dome: A Blue Collar Hero Volume 1

(To Synthesize - To combine into a single unified entity. A+B=AB)

A young generation of talented boys and girls face their fear and Synthesize, causing them to gain amazing power.

Novel Horizons unveils Beyond the Dome: A Blue Collar Hero, an action-adventure story by C.S. Mills!

Series page to be announced.

Scheduled for a December Release Date, TBD: Demon King App Volume 1

In this modern world of magic, people use their smartphone dubbed as the "Magi-phone" as a means to summon magic. Living in this fantastical world is Bryson, a boy who is born with a low amount of "magia". Despite being born as such, the boy seeks strength, until one day he stumbles upon an application named "Demon King App". Will this mysterious app finally change his life or would it only lead him to his doom? Will the app help him fulfill his desire or is it only using him to fulfill its goal?

Novel Horizons unveils Demon King App, an action-comedy by Doni_Tol!

Series page to be announced.

Novel Horizons will publish each series in print and on digital platforms in single-volume editions. Subscribe to our newsletter for more news and updates, such as the release date for each series!

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