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List YOUR Book On Novel Horizon's Site Store!

Calling all authors!

As most of you may already know- Amazon has been delisting manga and light novels, possibly for what they deem to be inappropriate; such as suggestive imagery or content. Amazon is undoubtedly a huge market for authors and publishers to list their products, so the de-listings could definitely cause a huge drop in sales right before the holidays and amidst a pandemic.

Our primary concern is for loss of income for self-published authors affected now and in the future from continuing bans and product de-listings. Here at Novel Horizons, we were planning on rolling out a new feature of our website within the next year, where self-published authors can list their manga or light novels on our store at no cost to them. In response to Amazon’s recent actions, we have decided to step up our feature timeline, and open up our store site to self-published authors starting December 7th, 2020!

Novel Horizons pushes quality over quantity, and we specialize in producing original stories with superior artwork, characters, and plot. Our CEO and founder is an accomplished author who understands the process, and we work with other accomplished creatives to iterate and produce products that match our high standard of quality. One of our pledges is to do everything in our power to elevate Light Novels to the next level, and we feel strongly that creating more spaces for authors to list their OELNs fits within that pledge. See our pledges on our About page.

We have provided full page of information for your reference, plus details on our terms and percentage offerings. We will be accepting inquiries and submissions for publishing or listing considerations at

Life is stressful enough during this pandemic, so we are putting in the work to offset as much stress as we can for you.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and on our website. Links below.

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Happy holidays and thank you so much for all of your support. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments!

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