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Do you want to beta read our next title before the Kickstarter campaign?

Heroes Story: Return of Prominence is our next title in our publishing schedule; an ecchi action romance superhero story written by Jonathan Solis (author of One-Two-Five, Azure Wing, and Rise of the Hunters) and illustrated by Tony Guisado!

For the first time, we have opened up the beta manuscript to our Patrons on Patreon to help us improve the first volume in this new series before its Kickstarter campaign and release!

Become a Patron today to join the beta read team, submit your feedback straight to the author, and help us improve the quality of our stories!

Failed Hero, Daedalus Notos had given up on life eight years ago. Resigning to a life of mediocrity riddled with depression, Alcohol was his only escape until one day, he encountered a drunk equal to him named Freya.

Following a tense introduction, their relationship takes an unexpected turn as they grow closer and for the first time in years, he finds himself with someone he enjoys spending time with. A person both upbeat and confident, yet behind her bright smile and nonchalant attitude, Daedalus feels there is something more. Something rooted in her distaste for heroes.

18+ Warning

Check out the series page for more details!

Stay tuned for updated information on the series page and our newsletter as work continues for the series!

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