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FREE REWARDS with our Indiegogo Referral Program

Hey everyone!

Novel Horizons is committed to the Original English Light Novel community, which could be classified as “under the radar”. In the spirit of bringing the community together and engaging with each other, we’ve decided to do something brand new with our newest crowdfunding campaign. 

We are announcing the launch of our Indiegogo Referral campaign to reward supporters who refer others to our campaign. Our rewards list is set up in tiers that are unlocked by hitting referral milestones, and you can claim all of the tiers that you successfully hit at the end of our Indiegogo campaign! 

Support our Fall Lineup Campaign on Indiegogo here! The Referral Rewards Tier List: $10 - E-book of your choice!  $20 - 1 bookmark or 1 postcard (series of your choice) and previous reward tier!  $50 - Physical book of your choice and all previous reward tiers!  $80 - Another Physical book of your choice and all previous reward tiers!  $160 - Unpainted Daphne(Mini) and all previous reward tiers!  $350 - One limited edition book item and all previous reward tiers!  $750 - Full-size Daphne figurine and all previous reward tiers!  $1000 - Your full-size Daphne figurine will be signed by Novel Horizons Founder and author of One-Two-Five, Jonathan Solis, and all previous reward tiers!  Some quick FAQs:  How do I participate in the referral program? Backers must be logged into their Indiegogo account and use Indiegogo’s share tools for us to track your referral contributions. 

What counts as a referral? Backers who navigate to our Indiegogo campaign using your shared URL, then make a pledge to the campaign are considered referrals. If someone clicks on your link and doesn’t make a pledge, or if they make a pledge without clicking on your URL, they won’t count as a referral for you. 

Where can I track my referrals? When signed in to your Indiegogo account, click on your account icon in the top right of the screen, choose “My Contributions” from the menu, then click on Referrals. 

How long is the referral program? The referral program runs through the life of our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, backdated to when the campaign began. That means that any referrals you have made before this announcement count!

When can I claim referral rewards? Referral rewards can be claimed at the end of our Indiegogo campaign, provided that our campaign successfully hits the funding goal. 

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We are excited to partner with you and spread awareness of our publishing brand and Original English Light Novels as a whole. 

As always, thank you so much for all of your support. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments!

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