About this Program

The "New Dawn" review program is our way to bring the OELN community closer together. By becoming a Official Reviewer, you will be listed on our site with links to the necessary profiles as well as be eligible to receive free copies of our physical and Digital releases of new titles before they are released to the public! 

Reviews will be featured in our social updates, the corresponding series pages and on our newsletter. 

In order to be considered to join this program, send us as email to:

The subject line should read "Reviewer Consideration Application".

The body should include any information that you think may help us reach a conclusion whether you'd be a good fit for us as a reviewer. 

Follower count, links to social media's, video reviews of past works(OELN video's not a requirement) 

And anything else you'd like to add! 

For overseas reviewers, we offer a reimbursement system where once the review is released and we are provided "proof of purchase" we reimburse the full amount.