About this Program

The "Horizon Dawn" program is designed to help  authors get their works out to the public with fantastic, gripping visuals along with all the other bells and whistles one can expect from a final book product! 

For Authors looking to be published:

This section is for authors who only have manuscripts(words on paper so to speak)  who would like us to help them with artwork, editing, and/or book design. 

To be considered for publishing, you will need to submit your finished manuscript, along with a brief synopsis of both the volume and overall story(can be vague, no need  for specifics) to us at the following email:

On the subject line simply put the name of the novel you’d like us to consider! Then add “- Publishing Application” to the end. If you have any artwork, please attach those to the email as well so we can look it over.


Don't worry if you don't hear from us immediately. 

After you submit, we will not reach out until right before we begin announcing our next "season" of new titles. At that point we will reach out to prospective authors who we are interested in publishing. This process happens every 3-6 months. At that point we will discuss contract terms, Artist selection, and more!

It's that easy! 

We look forward to seeing your work and helping bring it to the next level with you! 

Useful formatting notes:

-All our Standard Edition light novels will be printed in a 5 x 8 inch format. 

-Artwork will be a front cover, two-page interior that will go before the table of contents, and 5-7 Black/white illustrations on average.

-For our Limited-Edition releases, the size is also 5 x 8 inches and the two-page interior will be used as a wraparound cover image. Along with a few other fun changes to make it special.