Light Novel Series

Elves, Dwarves, Merfolk. Fenix Solari had seen all manner of enemies in his time as a Captain in the Mage Knight organization. Acting as the tip of the spear that thrust into the hearts of humanities enemies during the "Great War".

Dauntless with his partner known as the "Crimson Flame", he left battlefields torn asunder until the day he was captured. 

Trapped in a prison of eternal ice, Fenix would disappear from the war and it wouldn't be until hundreds of years later that he would awaken once more. His "world" existing now only in ruins or the pages of a history books.

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Desperately searching for a cure to save his poisoned wife Sodina, "Slash" journeys across the lands of Esteria to save her from death. 

Hero of a now fallen kingdom, a shamed man journeys with what remains of his people and the crown princess turned untimely queen. Determined to redeem himself.

An epic tale of battle, mystery, love, and betrayal unravels across Esteria as multiple paths converge into one.


A boy with perseverance, willing to go the extra mile, meets a girl who's daunting parents dictate every step of her life. When everything is disrupted by a dimensional rift, can she now be the light in his tunnel?

Finding himself summoned to a different world, young technology mogul, Seth Ephanim finds himself struggling to accept his one-star rating which makes him the lowest ranked among hundred others. Prompting him to work to shatter the system.


Aiden is just an ordinary boy with an obsession with the paranormal despite being ostracized and bullied for his hobby. Believing in the legend of the “hunters”, Aiden tries to continue their long forgotten teachings and traditions by himself. But when the threat of the supernatural becomes reality, does he have the capabilities to fight on the same front the Hunters of old did?


Raised in the small, frontier village of Umbrium, life was both peaceful and mundane for Ymir. However, the political schemes and prejudices of the Imperial King would not permit this existence. Standing on the precipice of death, will Ymir exchange his own humanity for the power to change this corrupt world?